Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5, 2009

I gotta post a short note just to say that last night Chris and I had absolutely the best time in Atlanta!! Yeah, I know most folks would be shocked to hear that I still enjoy a Metallica concert now and then (but I can say I don't listen to them routinely anymore); but I've always been a "rock pig on a pizza diet" and one metal concert every 4 or so years is not gonna be the end of life. If anything, it gives me an opportunity to spend what I consider VERY precious time with my 19 year old son whom I know one day is going to move out on his own, and then who knows how much time we'll have. Cast stones if you need too - but I've made my peace with the Lord on this one.

Speaking of good times had and to have .... in less than 2 weeks Chris and I go see Queensryche here in Montgomery and if you have never heard their music, they are really impressive in the lines of story-telling and a group that I have always enjoyed listening too. At the very least, their musicianship is amazing and have always inspired me to play better (for those that do not know I have played drums for the past 25 years). Then, less than two weeks from that date the whole family goes to see Mercy Me here in Montgomery. (Gotta love a busy month where I get to continually spend time with my family!!)

Anyway, that's all the news that fit to print from here at Lake Winnebago ... keep those cards and letters coming!



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