Thursday, July 30, 2009

I remember ...


I remember …

- I remember being in a band in San Antonio and our bass player, Steve, inviting us over for some burgers and chips and to just hang out for an afternoon.

- I remember going to Steve and Leslie’s and seeing this red-dog bouncing all over the yard, so proud of her surroundings and so full of life.

- I remember Steve telling me to ask you to “shake”, and when your paw hit my hand my face lit up and my heart jumped for joy.

- I remember praising you for this simple trick that you have known all your life and I remember my first thought of you thinking, “What a good dog.”

- I remember a few weeks later Steve telling us that he had received orders to DC and they would not be able to take their dogs and I remember thinking, “It sure would be nice to have a good dog like that.”

- I remember talking to Lisa about it and us going over to “meet you” one Sat afternoon to see if Lisa and you would get along and I remember thinking, “I sure hope they like each other.”

- I remember Lisa saying, “Yes” … and my heart once again leaping for joy.

- I remember the day you came home. It was raining out, and you tracked paw prints all over the beige carpet and I remember thinking, “It’s just a little dirt, it’ll be ok.”

- I remember you walking around the house, sniffing your new surroundings and I remember thinking, “My home is complete”.

- I remember our first few nights and that stupid cat next door sitting on the fence and the reflection on our bedroom blinds sending you into orbit. I remember thinking that “you and I should hide that cat!”

- I remember finding out that you liked to play fetch and that 12 inch piece of rope with two knots on it was our favorite toy in the back yard.

- I remember playing tug of war, hiding it from you and you finding it, and I remember you always bringing it back to me with that grin of yours on your face.

- I remember you running through the yard and how I used to comment that you “looked like a reindeer” because you pranced when you got up to a fast running speed.

- I remember those rough storms in Texas and how you always slept by my side of the bed, sometimes sitting up at the slightest noise and letting me know that you were watching.

- I remember having some rough times in our family and yet you still looked at me and loved me, reassuring me that you would always be there.

- I remember our move to Wichita Falls and how you walked around the new house cautiously, sniffing each crevice and room, almost inspecting it for all of us.

- I remember you sitting down on the living floor while we unpacked almost like you were relaxing and calling this place yours.

- I remember the couple of moves we had in Texas actually, and how each time how you’d look over the house and ensure it was good enough for us.

- I remember when we moved on base at Sheppard and Buffy joined our family how you seem to show her a few things, and then that was about all you had to do with her.

- I remember our family enjoying the new puppy and how you seemed to just watch her from a distance, but still you immediately responded to my voice when I called.

- I remember our first real vacation when I had to kennel you for a week, and that look on your face was so sad, almost asking, “What did I do, Daddy?” And I remembered when we got back you ran into my arms and wouldn’t stop licking me.

- I remember telling you that “I would never kennel you in that place again,” and I kept that promise because you just did not seem happy there.

- I remember our move to Alabama when you slept in the car the whole way, and how much you hated the hotel we stayed in. I don’t think you slept at all that night because each time I opened my eyes you were sitting up watching the door. I remember thinking, “what a good dog.”

- I remember meeting our new vet on Cobbs Ford Road and thinking to myself that we have finally found a place that is trustworthy and loves my dogs.

- I remember having to kennel you there when we went on vacation and how you simply went with the technicians, leading Buffy all the way and of course how excited you were when I came to get you.

- I remember everyone there telling me “what a good dog you are” and how lucky we are to have you. I agreed … I was the one who was always lucky to have you.

- I remember bringing you to the house we bought in Alabama and once again you inspected, sniffed, and gave it your seal of approval by laying down on the carpet in the living room and smiling at me.

- I remember your first trip outside, bounding down the stairs to sniff the yard, and making sure it was going to be good enough for you.

- I remember the countless nights from Texas to Alabama you would always sit at my feet while I worked on school, or sermons, or whatever the case may be and you never asked for anything; but when I reached down to pet you how you always jumped up to meet me.

- I remember sharing my dry roasted peanuts with you every time and how much you enjoyed this special treat. I remember thinking to myself, “what a good dog,” and being amazed at how loyal and patient you were sitting at my feet, licking your lips.

- I remember how Lisa would hear a noise in the middle of the night and her waking me up to investigate; and my assurance that it was nothing because my good dog would’ve let me know if there was anything to worry about.

- I remember every night or every morning getting up to go to the bathroom and being careful not to trip, because you were right there by my side of the bed.

- I remember packing for trips to go on for work and how you would always position yourself between me and my suitcase as if to stop me from packing.

- I remember always thinking “what a good dog”, how lucky I was that even though you didn’t want me to leave, that you still loved me.

- I remember you huffing and puffing while I would pack – but I remember the licks and the kisses before I left on each trip and as soon as I got back.

- I remember, and I think I will miss that the most.

- I remember your health beginning to decline and how we continued to try every medicine we could, and how you took your medicine in peanut butter even though I think you knew what it was and that it would not work.

- I remember the day the vet told me that “It was time”, and how my heart sank into my chest and how lonely I suddenly felt.

- I remember the next day making the appointment to say goodbye, and how much I hated every second of it even though it was going to be the right thing to do for you.

- I remember wondering if you would still love me because I had too, and then when I got home from work that day you smiled and licked me and I was grateful.

- I remember us having peanuts that evening, and my deciding that I would take “the day” off from work and we would go and do “everything” together.

- I remember waking up this morning and thinking that today you are the MOST important thing in my world.

- I remember packing food and water and getting you all ready to go out, and taking off that plastic cone you hated seemed to just liberate you; and you once again had that spring in your step and that smile on your face.

- I remember taking you to McDonald's for lunch (chicken nuggets and fries), and then going for walks at two different parks sharing peanuts together, and talking to you all the while my friend would look up and listen, and nod her head as I talked.

- I remember driving all over the city, and even driving up to our old church where you went with me many times to check on things and walk around the property together.

- I remember never wanting the drive to end, petting you and talking to you about everything I was feeling, both good and bad.

- I remember going home and hating that this would be your last time at our home.

- I remember watching the kids love on you and pet you - taking pictures with you and just being goofy all the while you would smile, shake their hand, and naturally they smiled back.

- I remember even Buffy and Kiki being extra playful with you, and not wanting to leave your side.

- I remember taking you to the car for one last car ride and Chris riding with us; all the while I was trying to be strong and try to not let you pick up on my anxiety.

- I remember the whole drive to the vet's office feeding you more dry roasted peanuts .... because you loved them so.

- I remember standing outside of the vet's office trying to rationalize this decision with myself and you instinctively trying to go inside cause that is what you have always done.

- I remember Lisa telling me that they were ready for you, and how my heart just broke. How I walked into that room with you following so faithfully I have no idea.

- I remember Dr. Ousley and her technician being so kind and gentle as they have always been, giving you a sedative to relax you and me getting to spend some private time with you while you got sleepy.

- I remember waiting in that room with you for them to come back, petting you and kissing you - the whole time asking God to take care of you, and praying that one day we would meet again where you would be as happy to see me as I would be you.

- I remember the medicine going in and you continuing to lick your nose, all the while your head resting on my leg as you had always done in our living room or in our bedroom.

- I remember your final breath and my words to you were of gratitude, thanking you for being my good dog ... and for loving me even though there were times that maybe I was not too lovable.

- I remember kissing you goodbye on the cheek, and leaving the office for the first time without you, and without a part of myself.

I remember, Lucy Ball Conwell. I will always remember and I will always love you.

Rest now my good dog.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you

Just left the vet. :-( Thank you Lucy Ball, for being my good dog and for loving me unconditionally. I will miss you always. Love, Daddy

Monday, July 27, 2009

A thought to ponder ...

If I ran a "If I offended you I'll just invite you over for a beer" type of Presidency, would the media be so gentle with me?

Monday, July 20, 2009

A sad goodbye approaching ...


Went to the vet today and Lucy has cancer, so the Dr said "It's time". So, I have to make an appointment to say goodbye to my friend next week. Hate it. :-(((

Bless you friends.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19, 2009


Well, here we are with another version of SSS for you to chew on. I missed last week since I was traveling back from New York with my brother and let me tell you something: I am getting WAY too old for driving across the country. Seriously. Keeping in mind that we are planning on driving again in November to go back and see family this whole "cross-country trekking" is really wearing me out. Anyway, I thought the attached image was a bit funny and every now and then you just need to know that you are winning at something.

- This past week was a bit of a blur at work since last weekend really didn't exist, but here we are again on another Sunday looking at the week ahead.

- A good friend of mine, Rev Ron Davis, underwent a triple by-pass this week that we have been continuing to pray for. If you pray, please continue to lift him up and his family for a speedy recovery.

- Lisa, Niki, and a friend of her's went down to Pensacola this weekend so it's been quiet at the house. I really did almost nothing this weekend, but I guess it's OK to relax now and then and have a few quiet days at home. We grilled up some steaks, had Chinese food, and did some yard work ... so it was not a bad couple of days.

- Our former Pastor from Texas (and close personal friend) is coming over for dinner on Tuesday night so we are really looking forward to him being here.

- We've really seen a change this week in the weather for summertime and its just plain weird. Normally we are well into the 100s by now and with a high of only 86 yesterday it is just plain odd ...

- This coming Friday Lisa and I are headed out of town on our "mini-vacation" and I simply cannot wait. Of course, I have to drive 5 hours to get there -- but here's to hoping that I am actually able to relax and unwind.

- Lastly, still no word on the church search, but God is in charge and so we are merely following and listening.

I hope your week is quiet and that you are able to rest and relax. Have a good one and be blessed.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

RIP, Mr. Walter Cronkite

America lost a great man last night. Thank you, Walter, for expertly serving us all those years. We lost a staple of American journalism last night and a man that I feel represents one of the LAST threads of honest reporting in this nation. Interestingly enough, he was the broadcaster during the original moon landing and he died nearly 40 years to the day. May God bless the Cronkite family.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New York Bound!

Well, "the trip" is finally here. I'm headed to Troy, New York tomorrow to pick up and help pack out my brother so he can move down here. I will keep things updated of course over on Twitter, and of course try to keep the sense of humor high. I am looking forward to a good trip; but that drive back is gonna be a killer!! Have a good night, ya'll!

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 5, 2009

OK, so I am a day late on this one but hey ... yesterday was a good day of relaxing and getting stuff done around here so I took advantage of it! Ha!! So, here is the latest submission for SSS, cheers!

- This past week has been a bit stressful getting things ready for my brother to move down, but in the long run we are really looking forward to having him here.

- Work is work, and who can complain in this economy? (Not me -- I'm thankful that I am employed and that God is providing in every way possible.)

- I found out some things about folks this week that have really disturbed me, and well, I am just not sure how to handle it all right now. I know the Lord is in control, but when people rebel totally against Him He will let them "have it their way". Prayerfully (in my humble opinion), heads will be removed from dark places (in the rear of body's) prior to heads having to roll because of the willful disobedience. Prayerfully.

- The Master's degree is one more class closer to being finished, and it looks like a March graduation for my Master's (since I have to take a 3 week break after this next class is finished.)

- Did I tell ya? Lisa and I booked a weekend away to go to New Orleans 2 weeks from this coming weekend; so much to look forward too there!!

- The garage sale prep work is continuing, looks like its gonna be a GREAT sale this coming Sat here at the house.

- Lastly, still visiting churches but I got a note saying that my resume is now on file with the Alabama State Board of Missions; so we'll see what comes from that as God leads.

Be blessed my friends and have a great week!

God is interested in your work!

I read this today and thought this would be a great devotional to share and get out to some of my friends. May you be mightily blessed through the reading and study of the Word. - TJ


"It's in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, He had His eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose He is working out in everything and everyone" (Ephesians 1:11-12 MSG).

Many Christians don't make the connection between Sunday and Monday. They compartmentalize their life. They think, "Well, I've got a spiritual life and I've got a secular life. My spiritual life is when I read the Bible, when I pray, when I go to church, when I do good things for others. That's my spiritual life." And that's over in one compartment.

So then, they think, over in another compartment: "This is my secular life. That's my work, my job, my career, my business decisions, my finances, my pension plan; all these things are my secular life."

God says, "No, that's wrong. All of life is spiritual." The word secular isn't in the Bible. It all matters to God; everything in your life is important to God. God is as interested in your work as He is in your prayers. In fact, I would suggest that He might be more interested in your job because you spend more time working than you do praying.

The fact is, your relationship to Christ is like marriage. Marriage is a full-time relationship, and so is your relationship with Christ. What do you think would happen if I came up to my wife and said, "Honey, I'm going to act married only when I'm at home"?

The fact is, all of life is important to God, and you can't separate your Christianity from your work, just as you can't separate your Christianity from your life.

Shared from: July 3, 2009 - "Purpose Driven Connection"
Written By: Rev Rick Warren

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009 - Independence Day


Well, here we are ….. Independence Day. I just wanted to take a moment to wish my friends and family a very happy 4th of July, and I pray that today is really restful and allows you time to reflect truly on what it means to have freedom to choose what you will do today. Many in our world don’t have the opportunity to decide for themselves their government, where they will work, or even their religion – and in this nation we are given these choices freely. Don’t take advantage of it folks – cherish it and take the time to acknowledge those who have defended those rights not only since before you were born; but even before your great-grandparents were born. Thank you Veterans both past and present, I am honored to serve alongside of you and defend this Nation of ours.

God bless you today.

Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3, 2009 Thoughts ...

I’ve spent the majority of the last week praying for several friends who are going through some nonsense and felt the need to get a few things off my chest.

For one, I am tired of hearing about people lying about, and to, friends of mine to make their own self feel or look better to people around them OR to get themselves out of trouble. Look folks, if you ran your mouth and got caught then just fess up, confess it, and then the healing can begin.

This is what James was getting at when he CLEARLY told us, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16). To continue to conceal sin, to continue to act as if you are not doing something wrong is to sin on top of sin and God just isn’t having it. Your life, even your prayer life, is a farce if you are holding malice in your heart and acting like you are all holy. I shared some words with a friend of mine that I am going to re-share here because it just seems appropriate for this issue too:

(START) Paul discusses our own sinful desire very clearly in Romans 7:15-20: (summarized) he says he does what he should not do BECAUSE of his own flesh-led desires, NOT because the devil is making him do it. In all truthfulness, it is actually our own sinful desire and nature taking control and trying to affect those close to us to "get on our side" and agree with us in our sin.

Salvation is NOT your "admission ticket" to acting holy. It is the beginning of a relationship that most believers (this includes even those we think are mature (and sadly still even within our own inner circles)) are still too busy sucking on the bottle to see that there is more than our own selfish desires and needs to be sought after in this life. It's a tough call to make, but calling sin for what it is leads to revelation which brings repentance that leads to the Joy of the Lord. Jesus didn't pull any punches even within his own inner circle (see Matthew 12:48 and Matthew 16:23), and we cannot either. (END)

Bottom line: Quit playing games with God …… He is not impressed.

Second, I have several friends who are really hurting right now (physically, mentally, and spiritually) and my heart is simply aching for them. I am not going to go into a list of names cause you know me I might just forget to name someone (but not intentionally), but considering that I know some are faithful to pray would you simply just pray for my friends? The Lord knows the need and He knows where it strength is needed, so please just think about them.

Well, that’s about it – just wanted to air out a few things. Have a good day.

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