Friday, April 29, 2011

Encouraging Word of Hope

During this past month, many in our community have suffered through terrible storms as well as the loss of life, property, and perhaps even, their hope. This weekend, our church gathers together to not only pray for those affected, but to turn our own hearts to the Lord’s will and seek His redemption during this time.

As believers, our hope must be placed firmly in Jesus Christ, and not in the things that the world promises to provide. As you read this, I challenge you to ask yourselves ... "Where is my hope?" If it is not securely in Christ, I'd like to encourage you to attend a church this weekend. If it is in Christ, I'd like to encourage you to attend a church this weekend. May we be joined together in this common hope that brings us life, joy, peace, mercy, and patience.

God bless you. ~ Bro TJ

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter 2011, Part 4

Many of us will wake up on Sunday morning preparing to do our “normal” things. We will shower, brush our teeth and hair, make some coffee, put on our Sunday best, and headed out to face the world. But, what if this Sunday were different? What if we came to God’s house for the sole purpose of meeting Him face to face … instead of coming to see if we could be blessed?

God is calling out to you to spend time with Him; not to get wrapped up in our “stuff” that distracts us so often from day to day. This weekend as your church celebrates that Jesus has RISEN from the grave … have YOU come to celebrate? May God bless you on this incredible Lord’s day.

~ Bro TJ

Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter 2011 , Part 3

During this week's service (and most likely throughout most churches), we will discuss the passion our Lord and Savior endured to give us eternal life. It is important that we remember not only what Jesus has done, but what we must do in response to the suffering and death of the King of Kings. Today, would you be willing to examine your heart and ask the Lord what is in there that is not allowing Him to be first place? Would you be even braver to admit what that is and then lay it down at the cross? Jesus is calling us into a life of obedience with Him … not a life of convenience. What’s your response?

May God bless you during this incredibly Holy Week. ~ Bro TJ

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter 2011 , Part 2

As we continue our exploration of Easter, this week we examine the triumphant entry of Jesus as He rode into Jerusalem to the shouts of the crowds crying, “Hosanna!” (which means “Save Us!”). Many times in our life, we cry out Hosanna when the going gets tough, and then when we are in the driver’s seat we are all too quick to let Jesus know that we can handle this, and ask Him to step aside.

As you go to worship this week, is it to discover that you need to cry “Hosanna!” more often? Or have you come to re-affirm that Jesus is only important when you need something? It is our responsibility to turn to Christ for everything, even the small things, and allow Him to guide our paths daily. I pray that as we draw closer to Easter that your resolve becomes more solidified that it is JESUS who we must turn our lives over too!

God bless you. ~ Bro TJ

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter 2011 , Part 1

This week, our church began an in-depth examination of the Easter Season with a study of The Passover. When Jesus gathered His disciples to celebrate this critical event, they did not realize that this would be the final time they would eat with Him before the Cross.

I often wonder if I were in this same dining party, would I have taken advantage of spending every moment with Him, and gaining as much knowledge and information as we possibly could while He was with me?

As we gather in our respective churches over the next few weeks, are we entering His house to spend time with Him, or just to fill the square because it’s what we’ve always done? I pray that as you read this, you are preparing your heart to meet Him, and that it is the only reason that we gather … it is NOT to celebrate a passing over, but to REJOICE in a glorious remembrance that He has given to those who would follow Him.

God bless you. ~ Bro TJ

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