Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter 2011 , Part 1

This week, our church began an in-depth examination of the Easter Season with a study of The Passover. When Jesus gathered His disciples to celebrate this critical event, they did not realize that this would be the final time they would eat with Him before the Cross.

I often wonder if I were in this same dining party, would I have taken advantage of spending every moment with Him, and gaining as much knowledge and information as we possibly could while He was with me?

As we gather in our respective churches over the next few weeks, are we entering His house to spend time with Him, or just to fill the square because it’s what we’ve always done? I pray that as you read this, you are preparing your heart to meet Him, and that it is the only reason that we gather … it is NOT to celebrate a passing over, but to REJOICE in a glorious remembrance that He has given to those who would follow Him.

God bless you. ~ Bro TJ


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